Two Award Winning Full-Length Historical Novels In One Volume
Spring Blossom; "If western heroes are your kind of man, then you'll fall in love with Hunter Maquire from Jill Metcalf's Spring Blossom, the most sensitive man around. Can anyone clone him?"
... Romantic Times Magazine

Family Reunion; "Jill Metcalf has written a strong and beautiful Americana romance populated with characters the audience will love and wish to emulate. The author's handling of the male protagonist's handicap is nothing short of incredible and she should be congratulated for tackling a sensitive issue in such a tender and finely tuned romance" ... Affaire de Coeur

Spring Blossom; Maggie is the eldest of four sisters and was determined to never leave her Viriginia home. But then, after years of not seeing him, Hunter Maguire returned and everything changed.

Family Reunion: Jennifer is Maggie's youngest sister. Carefree and a bit on the wild-side, Jennifer is surprised to learn that an old childhood friend has returned to his home, apparently to remain there. She quickly learns that Chad has no intention of reuniting with old friends.